What's the deal with Wakeboard ("Wake") Marine Tower Speakers?

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What's the deal with Wakeboard ("Wake") Marine Tower Speakers?

Enjoy your favorite music while you're on the water (literally) with wakeboard ("wake") tower speakers.  You love to water ski, wakeboard and/or tube but, can you actually hear your favorite tunes while you're out on the open water with fullness and clarity?  You don't have to compromise.

Wakeboard tower speakers are specially designed speakers that mount to boat towers and are able to project music long distances to those on the water with amazing clarity and power.  In addition, they are waterproof, rugged and durable.

The inherent design of wakeboard tower speakers also makes them perfect for cutting through ambient noise making them favorites for ATV, side by side, Jeep, off road enthusiasts.  Tower speakers come with mounts that make it easy for motor sports fans to mount these speakers to their favorite recreational vehicles.  Many speakers are RGB LED Light equipped speakers.  It's common for manufacturer to sell the RGB controllers separately as accessories.   

Check out our selection of top rated DS18, Pioneer, Boss and JBL wakeboard (or "wake") tower speakers HERE.

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