Q.  Is it in stock?

A.  If you can put it in the cart, it's IN STOCK!  Our inventory is linked/automated to warehouse stock.

*We update inventory in our warehouses every 2 hours.  If the item you want to purchase is the LAST item in stock ("1 Available"), our warehouse fulfills requests on a first come first served basis so it is possible that the last item in stock has already been allocated to a different retailer sharing the same wholesale distributor during a 2 hour inventory update window.  If the item is a high demand item, we'd suggest purchasing it ASAP to increase your chances of fulfillment.  If the item you ordered ends up not being available, don't worry, we will automatically void the transaction, no money will exchange hands and you'll receive an automated notification to let you know.  Remember, if you "win" by being first in line for fulfillment, we all win - we want to earn your business.

Q.  Why can't I add more than one of the same item into the cart?

A.  It's because there's only one left in our warehouses.  

Q.  Where do you ship from?

A.  We ship from warehouses in NJ and FL.

Q.  Do you ever ship orders over the weekend?

A.  We do occasionally ship orders over the weekend but cannot guarantee it.  We can guarantee that orders placed before 3 PM ET will ship SAME DAY M-F (excluding holidays).  Orders placed after 3PM ET on Friday's will ship by the close of the next business day (Typically Monday's on non-holiday weekends).  If we are able to get your item out over the weekend, you'll receive a notification(s).

Q.  Do you offer sales or discounts on products?  

A.  We run on low, bare minimum profit margins to offer you some of the best or most competitive pricing on our products.  If we aren't running a sale on an item you're watching, it's because it's likely as low as we can go, or the manufacturer will allow.  Feel free to contact us however about specific items, if we can offer you a coupon code, we will be happy to do it.

Q.  Do you ship outside the U.S?

A.  We do not ship outside the U.S. at this time.  Lower 48 only.

Q.  Do you take orders over the phone?

A.  We only take orders via our website www.uppermountainllc.com.  This offers the most secure transaction for our customers.

Q.  Can you tell me more about Shop Pay Installments?

A.  Please visit our "Shop Pay Installments" information page.